Paper Football Championship: The Rematch

Monday, January 17, 2011
By Louis Magnifico
One incredibly playful couple

Char awaits the field goal attempt by Louis during their paper football rematch

Who would have thought that a paper football competition would have generated such a response on our website?  You guys loved our final competition of 2010, the Paper Football Championship, so we knew we couldn’t wait long before holding the rematch!  Last time, Char thought she had won the championship… but when editing the video, we discovered that extra time was accidentally added to the game clock.  Had the time not been added, I’d have won.  We agreed to disqualify that game and call the event a draw under one condition:  we would hold a rematch and settle this matter.

Over the two week period from that game to our rematch, our fans took clear sides.  Most of them were cheering for Char to win (what’s new?) and expressed their support in comments on that post.  We held the rematch… and this time, there was a clear winner.  No game clock malfunction, no controversial results.  Char won.  It was a best 3 games out of 5 series.  I took the first two matches and she came back and won the next three in a row to take the victory.

Char celebrates her amazing come from behind victory.

Char celebrates her amazing come from behind victory.

Of course, we’ve got video of the event and we creatively produced it for your maximum enjoyment.  So sit down with some popcorn, get out your pom poms and giant foam finger holding up the “You’re #1” sign, and make a John 3:16 sign to hold up after every touchdown… and watch The Traveling Twosome Paper Football Championship Rematch!

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39 Responses to “Paper Football Championship: The Rematch”

  1. Eric Turlock

    Way to go, Char!!! That was the coolest comeback ever! You said you would win and you DELIVERED! Good job on the video, too. So what’s next for you two? Do we finally get to hear about what it is you’re challenging Louis in next? You should do another paper football post for the Super Bowl weekend. With my team knocked out of the playoffs yesterday, I think I’d look more forward to seeing your game! LOL

  2. HAHA! Thanks, Eric!! It was a BLAST whooping his catookas AGAIN! *wink* I am still trying to make something really fun come to fruition. If my wild idea does not work this month (not looking promising) it will certainly work in one of the coming months ahead!! However, that will NOT stop us from other competitions!! I promise!

    That’s a GREAT idea! I think we will!! Perhaps we’ll get a group of cheerleaders, Ummmm, I mean friends, to join us for the real game as well as our next PFL game!! THAT would be FUN!!! I mean after all, we MUST continue!!! And I LOVE all of our fans and the cheers y’all do for ME! *insert Char jiggy-dance and laughter*

    Keep on checking our site and keep those comments and suggestions coming! Makes it far more fun for EVERYONE!

  3. Eric, I agree with Char… that is a GREAT idea. OK, so the Super Bowl is Feb. 6th. Char, how a Paper Football Super Bowl on Thursday, Feb. 3rd. Then, we can have the video edited and ready for posting on Super Bowl Sunday. Sounds like a plan…. you accept the challenge?

    Oh, and Char… I, too, am dying to know what the surprise competition is that you are planning. You’ve got to tell me! Perhaps I can help make it happen!

  4. Peter Graven

    Char, that was an awesome win! YOU ROCK!!! And you didn’t just barely escape, you blew him away on those three games!

  5. Jessica Sammons

    I LOVE IT!!!! Nicely done, Char!

  6. Rachel

    I’ve never heard of this game but it looks like a lot of fun. After watching your videos I want to try it now. Can you share all the rules please?

    Louis, very sad for you that Char won again. 🙁 I was actually one of the few out here hoping you’d win! Better luck next time! Maybe after I learn how to play, I can go beat Char for you! LOL

  7. Rachel, the basic rules can be found at this wikipedia article:

    Thanks for being one of the few on my side! Have fun learning to play. As for Char, I don’t think I’ll need your help… I plan on a big comeback victory next time we play (which should be Super Bowl week, thanks to a suggestion from another fan).

  8. RJ

    Char completely dominated these games. The two Louis won were close games, the three Char won were blowouts. If you add their scores from all five games, Char wins 306 – 255. Looks like Mr. “I can’t lose” should change his name to “I can’t win” At least not against Char! LOL

  9. RJ, Char approved this comment and published it on the site before I had seen it. May I assure you that had I seen this comment first, I would have edited out the 306-255 portion. Uggggggggggggg 🙂

  10. Warren

    A beautiful woman who plays fun games with her husband and puts up a good challenge and even beats him! Some guys are too lucky.

  11. Thanks for the compliment, Warren! Louis is lucky….but then again, so am I! Stay tuned for even more fun adventures!

  12. Ken Morrison

    Way to finish him off, Char! That was awesome. Louis, you have met your match. Give it up.

  13. Ohhh, I am sitting here laughing hysterically at all my cheerleader fan comments! I love it!!! Poor, poor Louis…. has to hang his head in shame. Don’t worry sweetheart, I’ll give you a sweet little kiss. *smooch* Love you, baby!!

  14. Betsy

    I love seeing Char whoop on her hubby like this. Hilarious! WOOOO HOOOOO!

  15. Justin Fry

    Char, reading the old posts and watching the old videos of your previous paper football games is kind of funny now after you just kicked Louis’s butt in this last game. He was so confident that he couldn’t be beat! HAHAHA! I’d love to see a video of him trying to explain why he lost! Keep winning! I don’t know why but I love watching you take Louis down one game at a time! LOL When is your next competition and what is it going to be?

  16. Justin, the next competition is going to be a perhaps the most outrageous post we’ve ever done on this site. We’re going to post The Traveling Twosome Paper Football Super Bowl on Super Bowl Sunday… but it is going to be much more than just a competition. We’re having “Super Bowl Commercials,” a halftime show, etc. It’s going to be a GREAT video. Thanks for being a fan of the site and be sure to watch for the big Super Bowl post. You have our word… it’s going to be amazing!

  17. HAHAHA Justin! My friend!! I LOVE taking Louis down one game at a time. It’s so much FUN!!! Our next competitions will be coming up shortly. Another paper football match is coming upon us! And much, much more!!! Stay tuned! Get ready for some fun and laughter!! We will have something special for all of our fans on Super Bowl Sunday!!

  18. LOL Betsy, my dear friend!! THANK YOU! I love whooping his catookas!!! It’s so much fun!!!

  19. David

    Louis, how could you let her come back and win after you were up 2 games to none? All you had to do was win one more game but instead you rolled over and let her win 3 in a row! No way she’s that good, you just gave up. Char, if you were in Ohio, I would play you and you WOULD NOT win. No way!

  20. Eric Turlock

    David what a lame way to try to get to meet Char when The Traveling Twosome travel through your state. And Louis didn’t give up on those last three games, she just turned up her competitiveness and wouldn’t let herself lose. Char plays well under pressure.

    Char, don’t listen to people trying to distract you from your game. Next time you play, keep playing with the same determination. I’m looking forward to seeing you wipe the floor with him again! LOL

  21. Torrie

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Just face it, girls can do anything guys can do but we do it better! Love you, Char!

  22. HAHA!!! “I can do anything you can do better, I can do anything better than you” *sing-songin’ to Louis!*

    Torrie…… LOVIN’ the cheerleading!! *smile*

  23. David…David….David….. tsk…tsk….tsk……. I’m afraid, dear man, that you are mistaken. I would NEVER lose to you! I love competitions! Nice try….. but never going to happen. Sorry to burst your bubble. Sorry to ruin your dream.

  24. Atta boy, Eric!! You tell him! LOL I will ALWAYS play hard and strong! It’s who I am!! Thanks for the cheering, my friend!! Stay tuned for much, much more coming up! It’s going to be an amazing year!

  25. Ed Haines

    Louis, good luck next time. You’ll need it. That’s one determined chick you’ve got there.

  26. My new friend Ed! You made me laugh with your comment!! You are indeed right…I am VERY determined! *wink*

  27. David

    Char, are you challenging me to a game of paper football? You’re on!

  28. *shakes head in laughter* I shall now await another response from Eric directly to you once again David! LOL This is fun! LOL

  29. David

    I wasn’t asking him anything I was replying to your comment. You said that you would never lose to me and that sounds like you challenged me to a game. I’m up for it anytime you are. Bring your game to Ohio and lets see who wins!

  30. LOL But David…. Ohio is soooooo cold! I’m a weather wimp! LOL You wouldn’t want this chick to freeze, would you? LOL

  31. David

    LOL too bad you don’t live up here because you know I’d win for sure.

  32. David, the only thing I *know* is …… you, my friend, must be dreaming again. LOL How could you be so sure???

  33. David, let me jump into this debate. After something I witnessed this week which will go on The Traveling Twosome soon, I agree with Char’s earlier comment:

    David…David….David….. tsk…tsk….tsk……. I’m afraid, dear man, that you are mistaken. I would NEVER lose to you! I love competitions! Nice try….. but never going to happen. Sorry to burst your bubble. Sorry to ruin your dream.

    I’m not giving anything else away just yet, you’ll have to await the post. When you see this post, you’ll understand. Stay tuned!

  34. Eric Turlock

    Are you serious? What? What happened? Was it the Paper Football Super Bowl? Did you destroy Louis or what? I’ve got to know! I’m your biggest fan, Char! 🙂

  35. Torrie

    Louis it sounds like you finally understand that girl power Char always talks about. So you finally admit she’s better than you!

  36. Teeeheeeeheeeee Eric, my dear, sorry dude…. you must wait for the post! I’m certainly glad you are my biggest fan! Fans make this so much more fun!!!


  38. Eric – Trust me, it will be worth the wait!

    Torrie – Whoa there! Yes, believe me, I understand her “Girl Power.” I understood that a long time ago when I found myself pinned by her in our wrestling match. But by no means am I willing to say she’s better than me at Paper Football! I will, however, now admit (and this is hard to say) that she and I are about equal at it, which explains how she beats me sometimes and other times, I win. But better than me? I never said that…

    Char – Settle down, there, settle down…. 😉

    And everyone – Seriously, you all will LOVE what we are going to post on Super Bowl Sunday… check back Feb. 6, 2011 to see it for yourself!

  39. Torrie

    Louis, I’ll wait for your post but it sounds to me like Char clobbered you in yet another game. How are you liking that girl power? 🙂


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