A Day in the Life That Wasn’t – A Parody of Our Own TV Show

Saturday, January 8, 2011
By Louis Magnifico
Char spends A Day in the Life of a Baby

Char spends A Day in the Life of a Baby

This past summer, Char and I threw a contest asking people to come up with ideas for our TV Show, A Day in the Life,  in which we take on other people’s jobs, hobbies, or towns.  We received hundreds and hundreds of your responses.  Some of them we’ve already filmed.  “A Day in the Life of a Professional Wrestler,” for example, was a fan request.  So I have all of you to thank for getting my rear end kicked by Char when we stepped into the ring in Little Rock!  Other ideas are in production now and will air soon.

Still other ideas, however, just didn’t measure up.  And some… well some were just plain weird.  It’s these ideas that we decided to showcase on this parody of our TV Show.

We had a blast making this video – and we know you’ll have a blast watching it!  Be sure to put down your drinks and go to the bathroom before watching this one… otherwise, you’re sure to wet your pants laughing at “A Day in the Life That Wasn’t!”

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16 Responses to “A Day in the Life That Wasn’t – A Parody of Our Own TV Show”

  1. Carla

    Hmmmmmmmmmm – “Temporary Insanity?” – I’m not so sure that it’s “Temporary” LOL – What’s worse is, I’m related to it! ROFLOL

    I have to say. . . . . . . Louis? You made the better baby! Sorry Sis! LOL

    OK. . . . . The Dog skit? Hmmmmm, thinking Tyson & Skittles can learn a few pointers! LOL

    And. . . . . . . I don’t think I’ll EVER look at aluminum foil the same way again! LOL

  2. Kim

    A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A BABY! That’s the funniest thing I’ve ever seen! I can’t stop watching this video. I’m crying from laughing so hard! You two are the most creative and fun couple EVER! Oh, to have had you guys as parents!!! Your kids must have the best time with you! I watched the paper football video also. Char you can’t give in at all with Louis. You have to make him pay dearly for taking away your win last time! LOL

  3. Carla – Looks like I won the first competition of the year with the Better Baby Contest! And by the way, you’d be surprised how warm a thin little layer of aluminum foil can keep you! Just saying…

    Kim – our kids do indeed have an absolute blast with the fun things we do at home! Thanks for the kind compliments. Now… what do I have to do to get you to start cheering for ME in these competitions against Char??? Thanks, as always, for being a fan!

  4. Rebekah

    Louis, Char — Mel Gibson wants you two to star in his Signs sequel! 😀

    Louis, just from looking at you (in pictures) I thought Char had married a quiet, serious, subdued man — you just burst my ‘first impressions’ thought 😀 I know Char’s crazy!

    You guys are great! Thanks for the laughs! I wish you were MY neighbors – we could have a BLAST!!!

    IDEAS: Day in the life of a cat, day in the life of a pastor, day in the life of a mailman

  5. Hi Rebekah! It’s good to know I can still fool people with that posed “quiet, subdued” look. It took me many years to perfect that look and it works well in pictures! 😀

    Have fun and keep enjoying the site!

  6. Laura

    You realize that people can keep this and it will be around FOREVER right?? ROFLMAO!!! You’re great grandchildren are going to be asked if they have a family history of insanity and they’re going to remember these videos…AND LIE! LOL

    Louis…you realize that people SAW you right?? Being walked…on a leash…How are you ever going to be able to show your face at the neighborhood BBQ??? LOL I don’t know what was funnier…you on the leash…or you knocking yourself upside the head with the rattle!?!?

    Char…Your creativity ASTOUNDS me! The costumes are too too much. You on the other hand…will be queen of the neighborhood BBQ and could probably charge for lessons ;o) LOL

    You too are crazy…but we love you that way!

  7. Lisa

    Words will not suffice!!!! Yall are completely crazy (and I love you that way!) I bet there is never a dull moment at your house! 🙂

  8. Aurora

    Wow! I’m impressed with how creative you two are. I agree with Carla in that I don’t think that temporary insanity is so temporary. LOL However, on the other hand, I have to say that I liked Char’s baby impression better. 🙂

    I was speechless while watching. :-O

    So glad to see how much you two enjoy the life that God has given you. You are an inspiration to the rest of us!

  9. Lisa – correct… never a dull moment!

    Aurora – I’ll let you in on a little secret… I like Char’s baby impression better as well!

  10. Heather M

    ROFLOL! What if someone had driven by while Char was “walking her dog!” What would they have assumed?

    Char, your crying baby impression was PERFECT!

  11. Penelope

    These are hilarious! How about a day in the life of a trash can, a day in the life of a vacuum, and a day in the life of a floor? I can go on! You gotta do more! We LOVE your site! CHAR RULES!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Penelope – We will most certainly be doing more and we will consider your ideas. Thanks for following the site!

    Heather – Someone indeed did drive by! Several people did while we were out filming! As far as what they assumed, well I can only imagine…

  13. Trey

    Somethings wrong with you two but I love it! LOL

  14. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA Trey! Our amazing fans requested these ideas not us!! We just obliged…. at least a little! *wink*

  15. Kelly Jones

    I must say Char, you do an awesome imitation of a baby, Louis, not so much. Although, he does do an excellent dog! lol

  16. Kelly, you have no idea how much fun that was to film! LOL


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