The Traveling Twosome Olympics: Rat Race

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Cotton was Char's rat racer in our event.
Cotton was Char's rat racer in our event.

In what is perhaps the most unusual event so far in our competitions this month, Char and I now bring you the Rat Race.  Yes, we own two pet rats.  Great little pets, actually.  And we decided to let them be a part of our Olympics Games.

We set up racing lanes on our pool table and placed treats at the far end of the table.  The goal was to coax our rat to eat the treat first.

The event proved to be more difficult than we expected as the rats had a mind of their own!  After a long time of coaxing the rats, I finally won the competition when my rat got to her treat!

After this event, the cumulative score for the Olympics Games is 333 – 317…. MY LEAD AGAIN!

To everyone who thought Char would easily win the Olympics… is this an upset in the making????

Here is our video of the Rat Races.  Enjoy!

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