The Traveling Twosome Olympics: 9 Ball

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Time for 9 Ball for The Traveling Twosome Olympics
Who would have thought that billiards would be the event that put Louis in the lead for the first time in The Traveling Twosome Olympics!

As we move into the final stretch of events in the Traveling Twosome Olympics, we come to 9 Ball.  Char and I set out to play a 3 game series with each game offering 25 points to the winner.

You’ll find it difficult to believe that Char was ever the billiards champ between the two of us when you learn that I won all three games fairly easily.

Yep – with the 9 Ball competition over, I gained 75 points to my score.  At this time, I have a grand total of 283 points to Char’s 267.  For the first time since the Olympics began, I have taken the lead!

We’ve got several great events coming up leading to our live finale shows next week in Hot Springs – keep following The Olympics on this site!  It looks like it’s going to be a photo finish!

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