The Traveling Twosome Olympics: The Corn Cannon

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It’s October after all – harvest time – so we just had to throw in a competition such as this one during our Olympic Challenge.  Char and I visited the Mid South Maze and took aim with the Corn Cannon.  The corn cobs were loaded and we each had three shots to try to hit a sign with our cannon round.  While neither Char nor I hit a sign in any of our six attempts, Char did indeed come the closest.

This was a fun challenge, giving Char 25 more points to her cumulative total.  After this event, Char increased her lead in the competition 242 – 158.  Of course, we’ve got a video of the contest.  Check it out – and check back tomorrow as we move on to our next challenge…  billiards!

One thought on “The Traveling Twosome Olympics: The Corn Cannon

  • October 10, 2010 at 12:14 pm

    Your competitions have been fun to watch and I keep looking forward to see what crazy things you do next. I really thought Char was going to blow Louis away on all of the challenges but Louis is doing pretty good so far! I’m pulling for him just to let you know. He deserves to get Char back after the wrestling show. LOL Have fun, Twosome!

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