And they’re off!

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The Traveling Twosome Olympics are now underway!  The opening weekend has seen us compete in arm wrestling (yet again), tug of war, and paper football.  There are many more events coming up in the weeks ahead but there’s already been a month’s worth of excitement in the opening weekend alone!  I don’t think anyone was surprised to see Char win and win easily at the arm wrestling competition.  The next two events were complete and total upsets, however.

I think everyone (and please don’t tell Char I said this, but this includes me) expected Char to win the tug of war.  Likewise, anyone in their right mind should have placed their bet on me for paper football.  In the tug of war, however, Char didn’t stand a chance.  I think the most surprised of anyone was Char herself!  In paper football, a game that should have been an easy win for me even with my eyes closed, I not only lost the competition but also lost the paper football championship itself!  Who would have thought that Char would win paper football and I’d win the tug of war?

Well, there will be about 25 more competitions held this month… keep your eyes peeled on The Traveling Twosome as we bring you all the excitement – and maybe some more surprises as well!

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