The Traveling Twosome Olympics: Paper Football

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The vast majority of you who follow The Traveling Twosome regularly absolutely love the competitions between Char and I.  You’ve written to us many times and interacted on our site to let us know how much you’ve enjoyed them.  That’s actually why we are putting on The Traveling Twosome Olympics this month to begin with!  You asked for it – you got it!  A month long competition marathon between Char and myself!

Char playing Paper Football
Char playing Paper Football

One of the things many of our fans tell us is that they love the intensity of our competitions and the rivalry that has evolved between us in many of our endeavors (such as arm wrestling).  Perhaps nothing exemplifies this more than the simple game of paper football.

For those of you new to the site, let me provide a brief recap as to why this little game has become such a highly anticipated event in the Olympics and why we are so overwhelmingly competitive when we play it.  Up until this spring, I had never lost a game of paper football… ever.  Not once.  In fact, I typically would blow people away by 20 or 30 points.  Earlier this year, I showed Char how to play the game and after I won a few games I noticed she was indeed getting better (after all, she was learning from the master, right?)  Suddenly, she did something no one had ever done – she tied me in a few games.

We played a Best of 3 later on (which I won).  I won the first and second games taking the Best of 3 but giving Char another chance to play by going on with Game 3 anyway.  I didn’t have to play this final game – I had already won 2 games out of 3.  But I did… just for fun.  And to my complete shock, I lost that game 56-17.

It set the stage for another paper football challenge to be held during our Traveling Twosome Olympics.  I had to take the opportunity to get my revenge.  We set a 100 point value on this contest.  The event would be a Best of 3.  Each game would give the winner 33 points and we’d play all three games.  The winner would get an extra one point for 100 total points offered in this event.  A sudden death overtime policy was to be in effect in the event of a tie.  Each game would be a timed three minute game.  The moment finally came… The Paper Football Event…

This event, which was supposed to be an easy victory for me and an almost guaranteed 100 points added to my total, turned out to be what will undoubtedly be the biggest upset in the entire Traveling Twosome Olympics.  Char more than made up for her surprise loss during yesterday’s Tug of War competition by handing me two more losses, winning the Paper Football Challenge two games to one.  And I barely won the game that I did win – in the final seconds.

Char not only won the event and added 67 point to her total for the Olympics but she also took the title of Paper Football Champion from me.  We will be having a rematch later this year – keep watching this site for more details to come.

In the meaning, check out the video of the event.  The stats of each game were:  Game One: 46-44, Louis won;  Game Two: 52-47, Char won; Game Three: 62-33, Char won.  Char took 67 points, Louis took 33 points on this event.  Tomorrow’s event: Poker Night.

2 thoughts on “The Traveling Twosome Olympics: Paper Football

  • October 5, 2010 at 10:22 am

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I knew Char was going to win this game because Louis was too smug going into it. Way to knock him down, Char. LOL

  • October 6, 2010 at 5:47 pm


    Wasn’t it awesome!? LOL I LOVED every minute of gloating at the end!!! I did a long, drawn out, Char jiggy dance with loots of hoots and hollers claiming VICTORY!!! It felt soooooooooooo good!!! Hahahahahahahhaa

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