The Paper Football Shocker

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Traveling Twosome Olympics
Traveling Twosome Olympics

What better way to lead up to the first ever Traveling Twosome Olympics than with this little video and write-up which captures the competitive spirit that defines “Louis and Char.”  But first, a little background…

This video is actually from this past spring.  Today, it’s just a day away from October.  I have not published this video over the past several months in large part due to my own disbelief over what happened!  Char and I were spending an evening filming several videos for The Traveling Twosome.  I had recently lost the arm wrestling rematch against Char and found myself heading into our wrestling match for “A Day in the Life of a Professional Wrestler” as the underdog.

While filming our videos (some of which were competitions), I took the safe road and challenged Char to a paper football match.  Best of 3.   See, I had never lost a game of paper football in my entire life.  Ever.  Not once.  I grew up playing the game in school and after a few years, most of my classmates wouldn’t even play me because the games would always end with me winning by scores such as 47 – 14, etc.  It was one of those little things you hold on to as life goes on…

Several months ago, after many years of not playing the game, I brought it up to Char since we were putting our competitions up on The Traveling Twosome website.  She couldn’t believe I had really never been beaten – not one time – in my entire life.  She wanted to use this as a competition on our site.  We played the game a few times first just to show her how it was played.  I realized after just a few games that I hadn’t lost my touch.  I was beating Char easily.

It came time to do paper football competitions for the website and I won each of them – but in these challenges, Char suddenly began playing the game VERY well and was able to accomplish something no one had ever done before… we tied a few games.  I didn’t feel too bad – I still could say I hadn’t lost before.  I also believed that while she would put up a good fight, I had nothing to worry about in the way of her actually winning a game.  That just seemed too far fetched to me.

Char shocked Louis by handing him his first ever loss in paper football.
Char shocked Louis by handing him his first ever loss in paper football.

So this spring, as I was saying, we played again.  Best of 3.  I won games 1 and 2 and therefore won the Best of 3 challenge fairly quickly and easily.  I was enjoying winning for a change since she, as I mentioned, had just finished me off in the arm wrestling rematch.  So I said to her, “Hey – I’ve already won the best of 3, but let’s play game 3 anyway.”

Game 3 was a very, very sad story.  Char jumped ahead early and I never seemed to be able to get into the groove at all.  As the final minute of the game ticked away, I quickly lost all hope of a comeback.  Char scored a flurry of touchdowns in a short time while all I could do was try to keep up with her ever increasing score.

The final score of game 3 was 56-17.  Char won.

Here, at long last, is a video of the event – history in the making for Char.  With that upset still lingering in my head all these months later, you better believe that Char and I have included paper football in our Traveling Twosome Olympics coming next month.

Stay tuned all throughout October – it’s going to be quite a month of fun!  Remember, each event in the Olympics will have a different point value with the winner (having the most cumulative points)  being announced after a final event to be held LIVE in Hot Springs, Arkansas at the end of the month.  Here are some of the exciting events on the first few days of the month long competition marathon:

Oct. 1 – Arm Wrestling

Oct. 2 – Tug of War

Oct. 3 – Paper Football

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3 thoughts on “The Paper Football Shocker

  • September 30, 2010 at 2:53 pm

    ok when i first read you were playing paper football in your olympic games i didn’t think it would be near as fun to watch as the arm wrestling and other stuff you’ll do. But seeing this video and reading this post now i’m looking forward to seeing it. dude she didn’t just win she beat you down 56-17. i bet she wins again. char i bet he’ll think twice before saying he can’t be beat at something huh? LOL

  • September 30, 2010 at 3:32 pm

    Rory – I suppose everyone (even me) is entitled to one bad game once in a lifetime. That’s all that happened in the game shown in the video from this post. That was my one bad game.

    I might not be so confident about the other two Traveling Twosome Olympic events this weekend… those could go either way… but paper football? I am absolutely 100% positive that I will win that one. We’re doing a Best of 3 for that contest. I will win all three. You heard it here first…

  • October 1, 2010 at 12:13 pm

    Nicely done, Char. Louis looked so funny trying to rush and make a comeback in that last game. Good luck in the olympics!

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