The Traveling Twosome Podcast: 6-30-2010

Thursday, July 1, 2010
By Louis Magnifico

The Traveling Twosome

In this episode, Louis and Char announce the winner of the $50 Gift Basket from Covenant Creek Farm.  They also talk about the upcoming premier this week of A Day in the Life and a bowling match upset.  Listen to here or subscribe to our podcast from iTunes!

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2 Responses to “The Traveling Twosome Podcast: 6-30-2010”

  1. Calvin Mahon

    Too bad you didn’t film your bowling game. I’d loved to have seen that 10th frame come from behind victory. Keep showing Louis who’s boss, Char! FYI, Char kinda let it slip who won the wrestling match. Listen around 8 minutes and 35 seconds into the show. Think I’m on to something?

  2. Calvin…. I know, right! So sad! LOL However, competitions are a BIG part of who we are so stay tuned!! It truly was the worst game I have ever played to boot! Which made me laugh uncontrollably!! *grin*

    As far as the wrestling champion? Could be lunch meat, could be peaches! Perhaps we intentionally tried to confuzzled you all! *grin* That’s how we roll!! LOL Stay tuned…… only a few weeks away before the whole match is revealed!


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