The Traveling Twosome Podcast: 6-2-2010

Thursday, June 3, 2010
By Louis Magnifico

The Traveling Twosome Radio Podcast Show

In this episode of The Traveling Twosome Radio Podcast Show, Louis and Char talk about this weekend’s Tupelo Elvis Festival, their upcoming Day in the Life of a Pro Wrestler, and more!  Join Louis and Char in Tupelo, Mississippi this weekend and in Little Rock, Arkansas at the end of the month!

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3 Responses to “The Traveling Twosome Podcast: 6-2-2010”

  1. Carla

    Char – you know I love ya, you’re my sista chick and I’ll always root for ya, but I just gotta say it. . . . Sis? I know it’s all in fun, but all this talk about “smacking down” Louis, breaking a chair over his head? Eeeek! :O) LOL Poor Louis!

    Louis – Gotta say it bro. Between the “smacking down, chair over the head, leotard” stuff? It takes a REALLY big-hearted guy to take all of this from Char! :O) LOL

    I already know that this video is gonna rank right up there with the “Thowing Temper Tantrums” LOL Can’t wait to see it – wish I was there to see it in person LOL

  2. Carla, you should take Char’s remarks in stride… I’m just wondering what she’s going to say for herself when she loses the match…. 🙂

    And all you gotta do to be there in person is pay $10 for a ticket and drive yourself to the Little Rock Clear Channel Metroplex. It’s worth the drive, isn’t it? LOL

  3. I think Louis is trying to steal some of my cocky attitude! He seems awfully confident he is going to shake me and break me. OK, maybe not break me but he thinks he’ll get me pinned down. I must remember to NOT LAUGH when I look him in the eyes during the competition!!! ROFLOL


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