Pointless Post Volume 5 – Pointless Video Clips

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William Carlos Williams
William Carlos Williams has always been one of my favorite poets.

The great American poet William Carlos Williams once wrote:

so much depends
a red wheel
glazed with rain
beside the white

This poem has always been a favorite of mine.  Each time I read it, something different strikes me about the poem.  Oftentimes, it is what is implied and not what is written that captures my imagination.

Today, I was wondering… what if there were just white chickens.  No rain water, no wheel barrow… just white chickens.  Consider the poem then….

so much depends
upon the white chickens

Now… with no rain water and no wheel barrow, what is one to do with just a bunch of white chickens?  Puzzling, isn’t it?

That’s just how I felt when I noticed that Char and I had a few random video clips with no Traveling Twosome posts to go with them.  But I couldn’t let these clips suffer the fate of lonely white chickens.  Therefore, I decided it was time for yet another Pointless Post.

We do not promise this video to be as funny as when Char tried to teach me to trill my Rs.  It won’t be as intense of our first Battle of the Sexes Arm Wrestling Competition.  And it won’t even help you with your love life like my post on Valentine’s Day 2010 hopefully did.

We promise nothing but a 4 minute and 41 second glimpse into everyday life with Char and I at home and around town. SO CLICK HERE TO ENJOY POINTLESS VIDEO CLIPS!   See you next time… with something more meaningful!  Maybe…

One thought on “Pointless Post Volume 5 – Pointless Video Clips

  • May 1, 2010 at 6:00 am

    I’m gonna say just one thing (shocking! I know! lol). . . . . .Char? Please step away from the grill! We remember what happened the one time you went to use one! lol

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