My Valentine

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Louis and Char Magnifico
Louis and Char Magnifico, doing what we do best.

Remember elementary school Valentine’s Day parties?  Looking for the best Valentine in the box to give to that person in the class on whom you had the secret crush?  That best Valentine might not have been anything more than a picture of Snoopy saying “will you be mine?” but you hoped the message got across somehow… What about junior high?  Passing notes to the girl you wanted to take to Homecoming…  “Will you go out with me?  Check here for Yes, Check here for No.” High School was more of the same – even though we all thought at the time we were so much cooler and grown up then.

Somewhere along the line, however, I noticed something odd in life…  as people grew older, Valentine’s Day lost it’s significance. But it’s worse than that, really.  It’s not relegated to just Valentine’s Day.  Somewhere along the line, I noticed guys who more than likely once flirted with and courted their wives suddenly act too cool to be romantic.  Their wives were left disappointed and their marriages suffered.

As any reader to this website can see, Char and I are more than simply husband and wife.  We are best friends… playmates forever.  While our minds – and especially our bodies – are certainly reflective of our actual age, there is a spirit about us that is eternally 17.

Enjoying a picnic
The picnic was amazing. Even with the ticks that kept climbing up my leg for want of a little blood, we couldn’t help but laugh and smile. That’s love.

It is our sincere belief that so many marriages and relationships would drastically change for the better if everyone simply lost their shame, let their hair down, and allowed themselves to be silly, even vulnerable, with their husband or wife.  It’s odd to me that guys will marry a woman – take some pretty heavy vows in the process – then after the honeymoon, go off and spend all their time with their friends, leaving the wife alone.  You married her – and that should mark the start, not the conclusion.  Marriage is really just the beginning of a life of flirting, courting, romancing, etc.

I believe a major key to marriage is dating your spouse, playing with your spouse, sharing activities with your spouse… and it really helps if those activities bring laughter.  Whether Char and I are having a romantic candlelight meal at home or challenging each other to a Battle of the Sexes Arm Wrestling Competition, it is obvious that we are having fun with each other.

Take the time to date, flirt with, and court your spouse.  Indeed, just like when you were in school… make your wife your Valentine.

Perhaps you can even go out on a limb and write your spouse a poem.  Hmmmm – not a bad idea.  I think I’ll give it a try right here online.  This is a poem recalling a very special day Char and I shared.

“Becoming” by Louis Magnifico
written 2/13/2010 for Char

Alone and thoughtful in a crowded room,
Sounds of life rushing to and fro.
A pathway of promise, heretofore unseen –
“Where were you nineteen years ago?”
I was Becoming

Since Char and I started The Traveling Twosome website – and indeed since we’ve been married, actually – we’ve received a great deal of comments and feedback that our love and our relationship has inspired people to be more passionate and committed – and intentional – in their own relationships.  This makes us extraordinarily happy, and humbled, to be used this way.  We wish you all the best in life!

Happy Valentine’s Day 2010 from The Traveling Twosome

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  • February 14, 2010 at 9:24 pm


    You are the most amazing husband! I love you so much!! I am so blessed! Everyday is Valentine’s Day with you! *insert VERY PASSIONATE kiss* (((((HUGGLES))))) and ~~~SNUGGLES~~~

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