Pointless Post Volume 2: Ice Storm + Hot Tub = Opportunity

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Ice Storm Hot Tub
Char holds up a chuck of ice that fell to the earth, presumably from outer space.

Who says adults can’t have snow days, too?  When a minor ice storm shut us in this weekend, Char and I used our time wisely:  we relaxed and enjoyed each other.

Outside… in our swimsuits.

One thing interesting about hot tubs – when they are in operation, they contain hot water.  The water and steam heat the air above the tub, creating a comfortable temperature.  It can be 32 degrees F outside and you will feel warm and toasty in the tub – even the part of you that sticks out of the tub.

Now, the walk from the back patio door to the hot tub can be cold.  That’s why we recommend wearing a robe and warm slippers.  In addition, we plan on building a gazebo around the hot tub which will help during winter months.

In the tub
Stop me if you've heard this one. What has four feet, wears a hat, and goes outside in 32 degree weather?

It truly was a beautiful thing to relax with hot water pounding our backs from the jets while we surveyed the results of the ice storm.  The trees around our neighborhood were covered in ice and looked like glass.  The ground was frozen with a mixture of snow and ice.  The scene reminded me of a poem that was never written – but should have been  – by Robert Frost or maybe Robert Bly.

So if anyone asks what Char and I did on our snow day, we can honestly say that for about 30 minutes we went out back in our swim suits looking at ice.

In case you are wondering, our hot tub is a Viking V300.  And yes, we do recommend it!  It runs on standard 110 volt power and comes with the cover.  A great value!

While in the hot tub, we recorded some video to capture the moment.  We pieced together a few seconds so you can see what you’re missing by not taking the time to walk outside in freezing weather wearing nothing but a swimsuit.

Click Here to watch the video (9 MB MP4 file).

Icey Trees
That's one cool view from the hot tub.... pun intended.

2 thoughts on “Pointless Post Volume 2: Ice Storm + Hot Tub = Opportunity

  • February 1, 2010 at 2:08 am

    There is nothing better than sitting in a warm hot tub on a cold day and letting it melt your worries away. Just be sure to cover it when you’re done, that will help keep it warm for the next time an ice storm hits. 🙂

  • February 1, 2010 at 3:04 am

    Stacy – You are SO right! It was unbelievably refreshing to soak in the tub while the rest of the yard was covered in a sheet of ice and snow! Char and I were wishing the storm would have stayed around for another day or two!

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