The First Paper Football Rematch

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Char and Louis play paper football!
Char and Louis play paper football!

Just prior to our Arm Wrestling competition, Char and I got our competitive juices flowing by warming up with some other challenges.  One of them was a rematch of our recent Paper Football championship.  Char has been determined to beat me at the game ever since she found out that I have never lost at it.

During the championship we held a few days before, Char became the first person to tie me at the game – but I had still not been beaten.  I won one games and we tied two.  In one of those tie games, I literally scored a touchdown at the final buzzer to keep my undefeated status.  Recognizing how close she had come, Char was eager for a rematch.  We held a Best of 3 Rematch on January 28th, 2010 just prior to the Arm Wrestling Competition.

Louis kicks a field goal.
Louis kicks a field goal.

Game 1 was pretty much a blowout.  I won the game 40-19 and Char’s skills seemed to be just a shadow of what they were in our previous competition.  Game 2 was a different story.  I started out winning big again – even opening up a 20 point lead with less than a 45 seconds to play in the game.  In the last 45 seconds, however, Char held me scoreless while she tacked on thee touchdowns in rapid succession.  With the first two, she made the extra points after the touchdowns.  With the clock quickly running out of time, the third touchdown could have spelled defeat for me – but she missed the extra point attempt.  The game ended with a tie score of 40-40.

Game 3 would be the decision.  The first half of game 3 was neck and neck.  At the half, Char had a 3 point lead.  The second half, however, saw my comeback – and I won the game 52-37.

So, while Char put up a good effort – I remain undefeated at paper football.  Better luck next time, Char!

As has been routine for us, we caught the action on video.   Click Here to watch a video collage of the Paper Football Rematch.  Hope you can get in a few laughs at our expense!  Have fun – and remember… PLAY GAMES WITH YOUR SPOUSE!

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