The Arm Wrestling Competition

Friday, January 29, 2010
By Louis Magnifico
Char studies the coach's advice on winning an arm wrestling competition

Char studies the coach's advice on winning an arm wrestling competition

After weeks and weeks of taunting and talking – much of it in comments and posts on this website – the big night finally arrived… The Traveling Twosome Battle of the Sexes Arm Wrestling Competition.  Our readers have been encouraging us in this event for several weeks now – most of you cheering for Char.

We posted a poll question asking who you thought would win the competition.  While Char had many more cheerleaders behind her for the match, the poll was considerably closer.  When the voting ended, the final results were as follows:  Char won the poll with 123 votes.  Louis finished with 109 votes.  2 readers thought we’d end in a tie.

Knowing that the actual arm wrestling match itself would only last a few moments after weeks of escalating anticipating, we decided to work ourselves up to the arm wrestling match and start off with some other competitions first.

For one thing, we needed to finish the New Year’s Pool Competition.  When we left off with the Best of 7 series, I was winning 3 games to Char’s 1.  Also, Char did deserve a rematch at Paper Football.  I have never lost at that game in my life but when we played recently, she came within 1 second of a huge upset victory.  A last second touchdown saved the game for me.  Also, we thought it was time to get back to the Wii Compete challenges.

After the other games, we sat down to the table for the event you’ve all been waiting for.  As we did, we wondered why our readers have been so excited about this event.  We knew it wasn’t just “arm wrestling.”  We knew that it had to do with two factors:

The Traveling Twosome Battle of the Sexes Arm Wrestling Match

Char and Louis in the middle of the arm wrestling match.

1.  It is a mixed gender / intergender arm wrestling competition

I really set myself up for a no win situation the more I thought about it.  A victory would bring on comments such as “big deal – you beat a girl at arm wrestling.”  A loss would bring on comments such as “you got beat by a girl” etc.  Let’s face it – there’s a lot of women out there who just want to see women win competitions against men.  Perhaps it is akin to rooting for the underdog (I know I’m going to catch heat for that statement).  This attitude was represented in a comment exchange between one of our readers, Kim, and myself in the comments to “A Little Pre-Match Intimidation“.  In the comments to that post, Kim was counting down to the event and wrote:  “Two more days!  LOL“…  To which I light wittily responded, “Two more days until?  Oh, yes – till Char eats her words – yes, thanks for reminding us all.”  Kim came back with a more humorous reply:  “I was thinking more like two more days until you bring shame to your overconfident gender!  LOL.

2.  It’s a competition between a competitive husband and a wife who are best friends

Being competitive natured – and being best friends – Char and I always race up the intensity of our challenges against each other.  The adrenaline runs a little faster when the two of us are going head to head.  And being more than just best friends… indeed being married… we don’t go our separate ways after a competition.  We leave the competition together…. go home together… go to sleep together… meaning – we hear about or are reminded of each other’s victories all day, all night, all week, all the way until the next time we face off.  It’s not unusual for competition between best friends or siblings to be so intense.  I recall watching Serena Williams and Venus Williams play tennis against each other.  These sisters always seemed to kick it up a notch when they went against each other – much more so than when they would play other tennis players.  So it is with Char and I.

Char and Louis prepare to face off in arm wrestling

Char and Louis prepare to face off in arm wrestling

So – with this in mind, we sat down for the challenge.

We agreed upon the rules.  We would wrestle once with both our right and left arms.   If one of us won both arms, that person would be the champion.  If we ended with a split decision, we agreed not to hold a tie breaker.  We would, instead, hold a rematch in the near future.  For our readers’ information, both Char and I are RIGHT handed.

So without further ado, here is how it went down:

The Left Arm

We started with the left arm.  It was a good match but somewhat quick.  After a brief struggle, Char did a move that I still question in regards to its legality.  She seemed to put too much of her body into it.  But I accepted the outcome, nonetheless. After all, one one of our readers, Coach Tiff, had previously informed us that using upper body weight was legal.  Who was I to question a coach?  So Char took the first victory.  What can I say?

The Right Arm

The right arm was a different story.  It was by no means a quick match.  Char and I struggled back and forth for quite some time.  It was far closer than we thought it would be.   In the end, I took her down and tied the competition at one match a piece.

The Battle of the Sexes ended in a draw… for now.  A rematch (more on this below) is to come and I plan on a much more decisive outcome then.


Of course, as promised, the whole event was captured on video.  On this video, you’ll see Char and I bantering back and forth, as well as the left and right hand matches.  For those of you who want to see all the hype leading up to it, we’ve also included in this post links to our practice session and Char’s recent taunting.  Enjoy!

Remember that our videos are MP4 files playable in Quicktime, iTunes, VLC, or any browser with Quicktime Support.

Watch a video of our practice session

Watch a video of Char taunting Louis prior to the arm wrestling competition

Watch a video of Char imitating what she thought Louis would do if he lost the competition.

AND FINALLY – HERE THEY ARE!  THE VIDEOS BELOW ARE THE ACTUAL ARM WRESTLING MATCH VIDEOS!  Note that the High Quality versions are large files and will take a while to stream / download.

Watch the Left Arm Match (22 MB high quality MP4 file) or, here’s a 12MB lower quality MP4 file

Watch the Right Arm Match (24 MB high quality Mp4 file) or, here’s a 13 MB lower quality version

Want to see the whole match as one video?  OK – here it is…

High Quality MP4 File (46 MB)

Lower Quality MP4 file (25 MB)

Watch Char’s Reaction to the Arm Wrestling Match (7 MB)

And here is a link to the Photo Gallery of this competition:  CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS

We decided to hold a rematch in April of this year.  For now, we will leave it as a draw.  But we are still looking for other competitions we can face off against each other in.  If you have an idea for a competition or challenge you’d like to see Char and I take on, contact us and let us know.  We welcome your feedback and look forward to accommodating your (reasonable) requests.

Have fun!

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95 Responses to “The Arm Wrestling Competition”

  1. Kim

    Char, you gave up! You had him wearing out and it looks like you just gave up at the end! You could have hung in there for another 15 seconds! Don’t give up when you have the rematch!

  2. ROFLOL Kim, I cannot tell a lie. I was feeling bad for him and I could not stop laughing!!! Don’t worry, I challenged him once again April is coming! It was hilarious!!! Our facial expressions, his grunting and moaning, me turning red as a lobster….. it was all just too funny!! I couldn’t take it anymore …… ROFLOL

  3. Char – come on – be honest – I beat you on the right arm. Don’t try to make it sound like you went easy on me. The very fact that you were turning red as a lobster tells how you were wearing down as well.

    Kim – she was good – better than I expected – but she didn’t just “give up” – I was wearing her down faster than she wore me down.

    Char – April can’t come soon enough… Rematch time! 😉

  4. Miss Ole Miss

    I think Char did great! She gave Louis quite a fight! lol

  5. Marsha

    WOW, that was CLOSE!

  6. Yep, tied again! AS USUAL!!! LOL I won left handed, he barely won right handed… I could no longer concentrate. I was laughing too hard!!!

  7. Miss Ole Miss – She did, even I admit that!

    Marsha – TOO CLOSE!

    Char – Are you making excuses for not making good on your promise to win? Or what was it you said? “Whoop my catookas”? Poor, poor Char. Better luck in the Rematch! LOL

  8. Coach T

    I have two comments for Louis. On the right arm, big deal. You beat a girl at arm wrestling. I wouldn’t be bragging too much over that. On the left arm, HAHAHAHAHAH YOU GOT BEAT BY A GIRL!

    Good job guys! GREAT video.


  9. Oh Tiff,

    I was laughing so hard!! I bet if I was not laughing so much I would have whooped him right handed too!! That is why I challenged him once again in 3 months! I KNOW I can win IF I can NOT LAUGH! Is it possible, folks? Do you think I can be serious enough to win both arms?? Well, we shall see once again come April!!

    Louis, honey. You are so much fun! I love you!!

  10. Ummmm, honey. You DID get whooped by me left handed!!! And right handed was oh so close. I know if I could have stopped myself from laughing you would have gone D-O-W-N!!!! April, baby. April…. you are M-I-N-E! Love ya!

  11. Mitch

    WOW! Intense!

  12. Eric

    Hope you win next time, Char!

  13. Dude! You’re supposed to root for me!!! What’s up with that!

  14. Jessie

    You’ve got to give her credit, she hung in there a long time and it looked like the match could have gone either way.

  15. Jessie – I do, I do – she held her own quite nicely, I admit.

  16. Martin Stevenson

    I’d like to see you guys play a game of mercy.

  17. She just gave you the match on the right hand. She was winning and then she started talking to the camera and moving around and you just took advantage of her not paying attention. Shes going to beat you next time.

  18. Martin – That’s not a bad idea. We can make that happen. I’m not sure how fair that challenge will be since she’s about 4 inches taller than me but I’m game for that… By the way – we have a “Make A Request” Page for our readers to make suggestions like this.

    Lisa – Char kept saying she was going to reply to your comment and asked me not to until she had her say. A few hours have passed and I’ve not seen her post a reply yet so I figured I’d go ahead and preempt her. For the record, she DID NOT “give me the match on the right hand.” Yes, I saw the video… yes, she does talk to the camera… yes, she does move her other arm while talking… and yes, that is when she lost that one. I admit all that. But watch the video again – she was struggling for quite some time and was losing steam quickly. Let me go ahead and officially make my prediction for our rematch in April… I will win the right arm within 15 seconds and I will win the left arm within 30 seconds.

    Char – Want to give your official prediction? I’m thinking next time we make sure it doesn’t end in a tie. We do both left and right arms then if we end up tied again, we flip a coin… heads we do a tie breaker right handed; tails we do it left handed.

  19. Monica

    Yes a tie breaker is a must!!!

  20. Big Bob

    Great match! I really thought the chick was going to win both times. She’s tough!
    Rematch her now!

  21. qwerty

    Char cheated with the left arm by standing up and Louis cheated with the right arm by holding the table. Do over.

  22. Big Bob – Um… I guess you thought wrong. 🙂 She’s good – but not THAT good. As for a rematch – it’s coming on April 15th. Stay tuned!

    Qwerty – I like your screenname, by the way. Hmmmm – very perceptive you are on Char cheating with the left arm. She did indeed stand up, didn’t she? I don’t get, however, why you say I cheated with the right arm. I didn’t grab the table – I started to (unintentionally) but I stopped myself. As for a do over, we both agreed to accept the results – we tied our first time out. A rematch, however, will occur on April 15th.

    In the meantime, we’ve got other fun posts and contests coming your way. Including TONIGHT! This very evening, we’re doing table tennis (real, not Wii) and another paper football rematch (Char must be a glutton for punishment with that game – I think she knows she can’t win that one). We will likely be posting tonight…

  23. Kelly

    It’s clear that neither of you are experienced in technique but you both gave it your all. Just calling it like it see it, Char should win the rematch if you / she takes a little time to study some basic moves. There is a lot of information on the web on technique so read through it. You were taking him down when you were bringing his arm toward your body, extending his arm outward toward you, and leaning in with your upper body and shoulder. This makes him have to fight like hell against your strength to come back and I don’t think he’d be able to.

    You lost on the right arm match because you let him extend your arm. Try to curl his arm toward you, lean in getting your upper bod and shoulder behind your arm, and stay focused and you’ll take him down guaranteed. Even if he does the same, it looks like you’ve got the advantage in upper body and it’s clear you’re not weak.

    What else you guys compete in?

  24. Justine

    Kelly gave some really good advice there. Curling his arm toward you is a surefire way you can win. Also try not to laugh, it weakens you a great deal when you do.

  25. Semper Fi

    Louis only lost with the left arm cause he’s right handed. In the rematch, he’ll be more prepared and win both arms. I don’t think she can pull it off, ladies.

  26. Kim

    Want to bet on that, Semper Fi?

  27. RJ

    What, did you guys meet on the high school wrestling team or something?

  28. Semper Fi,

    Ummmmm, I must add I am also RIGHT handed! So your theory doesn’t hold up. *grin* Nice try though! Louis does need ONE fan I suppose! LOL

  29. You tell it, sista-chick!! LOL

  30. Oh RJ…… how we wish we had!!! We always say how much we would have LOVED meeting in elementary school…growing up together and constantly challenging one another and keeping each other on our toes. A wrestling team would have been a blast!!! I’m so for it. Yep, even this chick….

    Now go and invent us a time machine, will ya? *grin*

  31. Oh, and BTW, Semper Fi….

    Ask Louis what happened this past Friday night. We were out on the town and I was “play” arm wrestling….only to surprise him even more!!! And then when we got home… the challenge was on once again. Too bad we didn’t have the Flip camera at the moment. I WON right handed!!! Go ahead, honey. Tell them to truth. And remember the truth shall set you free, babay! *insert busting gut Char laughter and jiggy-victory dance* And don’t worry, April we will rematch every moment for you to view and I’ll accept your apology after wards cuz I’m such a good sport and that’s how I roll…… *grin* Semper Fi, Semper Fi, Semper Fi…tsk…tsk….tsk….. GIRLS RULE and boys DROOL! *smile*

  32. Justine……. I will TRY not to laugh!!! But it’s so hard!!! I can barely contain myself. I shall focus on WINNING and I will try with all my might not to laugh until I WIN!!! Deal? LOL

  33. Thanks, Kelly!!! I am certainly looking forward to every rematch we have!!! I love that my husband is such a great sport!!! Makes challenges even more fun!! I am a chick who does not give up easily. I work hard and persevere! I shall win both arms…and he shall publicly announce my VICTORY! *insert Char jiggy dance and laughter*

    As far as other competitions…we are game for almost anything. Clean, good fun is what we enjoy! He won’t hit me so boxing is out of the question. LOL *wink* He’s just good like that…. that’s how he rolls. LOL

  34. Qwerty,

    ROFLOL Actually, I stood up and did NOT use my body…just my arm. Our table is not the right height and was actually hurting me. I had marks after wards on my ribs. LOL Louis agrees. I showed him this past Friday night on a better table and he also noticed a drastic difference without added pain! LOL He did grab the table during our competition but I busted him! He did NOT stop himself…I caught him in the grip!!!! LOL April is another rematch! Full footage shall be taped. *smile*

  35. Thanks, Big Bob!!! I nearly won but lost my concentration when I moved my arm and was laughing too much!!! A full footage rematch will be in April!! Stay tuned for many other challenges, competitions and fun adventures!! We update often and LOVE comments!! Any suggestions? Feel free to send them our way!! Must be CLEAN family entertainment and can’t cost a fortune! Until next time!!! *smile*

  36. Monica….. I challenged him this past Friday night and won the right handed arm wrestling. Come April we will have a complete rematch once again with full video footage! Stay tuned!!! This chick will never give up!! I will win COMPLETE VICTORY! Louis WILL eat his own words!!! LOL

  37. Char – don’t even go there about last Friday night… we never finished the “play arm wrestling” while we were out and when we got home, I wasn’t in a proper seated position. April is the rematch, not last Friday – so until April, we remain tied. Just making sure you have no delusions of being the arm wrestling champ…

    But I love you 😉

  38. Lisa on the air…… You are awesome!!!! I love having such great support!! *smile* You are right. I WILL beat Louis next time!!!! *chiming in with the Little Engine That Could motto…… I think I can, I think I can, I KNOW I can, I KNOW I can!!* I must pay better attention and not laugh!! LOL

  39. Kim

    You won and there’s no blog story about it?

  40. I will indeed be writing about it!! I promise! It was quite funny! I’ve been enjoying my extra time playing with our 3 beautiful blessings during their snow day! *smile*

  41. You can’t write about that – it wasn’t an official Traveling Twosome event. And it wasn’t fair anyway, as I already wrote. April 15th, sweetheart – that’s the rematch…

  42. Donny

    Wow! Great post!

  43. john

    Char I’m no bigger than your husband, but if we had a table i’d challenge you to an arm wrestle – would you accept?

    great videos by the way

  44. John,

    Thanks! We have fun with our videos and are glad other people enjoy our humor and good fun!

    As far as taking up challenges given by others? Not so much!! I’m sorry to disappoint but my strength is saved for challenging and beating my very own sweet, handsome, and adorable husband. *smile*


  45. Char – you mean your strength is saved for challenging your own very sweet, handsome, and adorable husband. Beating him? naaaaaa – we tied, remember? 😉

  46. WylieGirl

    The video clip of Char howling and crying and saying that’s how Louis will be when he loses is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while. We didnt get to see him do that this time but his panting after the first match was also pretty funny. Don’t let up next time Char. lol

  47. Piney P


  48. Neil

    I just viewed all your videos from your arm wrestling match. I expected you would wimp out and go soft on each other since you are married but you guys are extreme! That match is good enough for ESPN Highlights! Where is the video of Louis reaction to the match? You only had the one of Char. Sorry, Louis, but I’m cheering for Char on your rematch. haha

  49. Thanks Neil!! Anyone who knows us well knows we will NEVER “go soft” on each other! If I accept a challenge then I will indeed give it my all! It’s much more fun that way! *wink* ESPN Highlights, eh?? Now THAT would be FUN!! Hmmm, maybe they’ll contact us someday. Ya know, you are right. I never did shoot Video of Louis’ reaction. What a reaction it was too!! ROFLOL Such a shame it was missed! Oh well, next challenge I will certainly be sure to get more video footage for you!

    Thanks for the support!! I promise we will continue our challenges and share them with everyone. It’s amazing being married to your best friend who is willing to have so much fun together!!!! I love you, Louis!!

  50. My reaction? I honestly don’t remember what it was. You’ll have to refresh me on that one. I just remember you and I both walking around with sore arms! LOL

    Neil – thanks for reading! But you are cheering for the WRONG SIDE!

    Char – Hmmmmm – pick one, Thursday or Friday this week. We’ll do a friendly competition or two for the site. No, folks, it won’t be arm wrestling – that’ll be April 15th when we hold the rematch (we might record another preview like we did before our last match) – but we’ll come up with another competition for this week… Let me know which day, Char, and we’ll come up with something…

  51. Neil

    I don’t understand, how do you record a preview of an arm wrestling match but not actually have an arm wrestling match?

  52. LOL Neil….. your guess is as good as mine. We simply give a “teaser” video. The beginnings of a struggle to give a “taste” of good ol’ competition between husband and wife! *grin*

    Louis….sweetheart. I think this weekend is going to be chock-full-o-surprises for ya! *grin*

  53. Yep – that’s about it – out last match lasted about 4 or 5 minutes so we just start then stop after 15 seconds or so. That’s a preview…
    So – pick, Char…. Thurs or Fri?

    As for the rest of the weekend – I’m soooo looking forward to it all!

  54. KC

    just go ahead and hold the whole rematch. why make us wait?

  55. KC – It’s sad, really. Char is trying to delay the event because she is now doubting her chances of actually winning. Besides, her right arm is still on the injury reserve list after the last match. April 15th……. it’ll come sooner than you expect….

  56. Whatever!! Bring it on, babay!!! I ain’t a’scerred a’you!!! I already proved that! *nanananabooboo….sticks tongue out*

    KC, you know I’m gonna win! That’s why you are so excited to see the rematch! *said raising her arms in VICTORY and laughing*

  57. KC

    Dude, thats one confident chick! I don’t think you stand a chance of winning the rematch, Louis, you just got LUCKY last time. Can’t wait for the rematch!

  58. RangerCO

    I’d buy tickets to see your rematch live! You guys rock! I thought this was going to be fake after seeing the commercial video first, like a spoof or something. Loved seeing that it was the real deal. You should do videos leading up to the rematch talking smack to each other like on WWE.

  59. You’d buy tickets, eh? OK – first we get told we should be on ESPN, next you’re suggesting we sell tickets to our rematch…. Char, I think we both have a new career in the making…. 🙂

    And yes – the match as you know was indeed real, not fake. As for the videos leading up to the rematch… hmmmmmmm….. I’m liking that idea. We sort of did that a little bit leading up to this first match. But I think I know what you are asking for – something more (excuse the pun for those that will get it) over the top, right?

    What say you, Char? You think you can film some “smack talking” videos?

  60. Germaine Davis

    You r a fool if you take her on again. She almost won that last time and you got lucky you tied her. You go again and she going to be pumped and ready. You should quit while it don’t look so bad.

  61. I’ve just discovered you two! You are such a great couple! (Good-looking, too). I liked the story and photo on your wedding. Love the way you are friends and spouses. Love your spirited competitiveness. You are smiling and happy, but also just serious enough. And you’re evenly matched. You’re good people, having a good time!

  62. Thanks, John! We really do have an amazing love and respect for one another. We have a great time in all we do – as I’m sure is showcased on this site! To us, it is so very important that we are best friends as well as husband and wife. Thanks for reading – glad to have you on board!

  63. BTW, Louis, if Char is working out with weights to prepare for the April event, I think you should too. Weight training really works. I’m pulling for you. Us guys have to stick together.

  64. FINALLY I HAVE A FAN! Seems like everyone on here has been pulling for Char! THANK YOU FOR BEING MY FIRST FAN! lol

  65. John….John…..John….. Tsk….tsk….tsk…….. I have NONE words…. NONE! *sniff sniff* I can’t believe you have chose to support my amazing husband instead of me!

    Nope, not doing weights. Just using our normal everyday aging selves once again for this challenge. After all, our aging selves work just fine, thankyaverymuch! But you have given me a few ideas for future TTT posts!! THANKS! LOL

    Dude…..John….yeah….you dude…. I must forgive you. I do. I have to. I’m called to. All is forgiven. But let me say….. even with his one fan…… LOUIS IS GOING D-O-W-N!!!!! *grin*

  66. Thanks so much, John!! I am TRULY BLESSED to have such an amazing husband!!! We really are best friends…. God has blessed us both in many, many ways!!! I pray that many other couples will see that you really CAN and SHOULD be each others best friend! It creates an incredible marriage that gets stronger every day! I am soooooo looking forward to retirement years!! Aging doesn’t scare me anymore! LOL

  67. Louis, sweetheart. Our friend Germaine has given you some very good advice. Are you desiring to step down from the rematch, baby?? Are you scared?? LOL

  68. RangerCO….. THANKS!!!!! Nothing but the real deal with us!! It’s much more fun for everyone that way!! Especially ME! LOL *wink*

  69. Char – wow – where to begin?
    First of all, your comment to John…. John, don’t let her fool you – for two weeks before our last match she was working out every day. Plus, she was reading up on one of our reader’s comments offering advice on how to win at arm wrestling. This reader is a coach. So – don’t let her fool you… but, um, Char – just FYI – I’ll be more than ready come April 15…..
    Secondly – Germaine’s advice (pardon me, Germaine) is ridiculous. No way your winning the rematch – and we are certainly ON for the rematch. No backing out on my end… unless you want to forfeit? 😉
    And finally – what’s with that “especially me” bit on your reply to RangerCO? You didn’t win – we tied, remember? LOL

  70. Steve

    Char FTW!!!

  71. Char FTW!!! Wooot! Wooot!!! I have another cheerleader!!!! *insert Char-jiggy dance* YEAH BABAY!!!!!! WooooooHooooo!!!!!! Don’tchya know it!!! Char FTW!!

    Oh Louis ……. Sweetheart!!! YooooooHoooooooooooo…………………








    *smooches and huggles*

    Love ya, honey!

  72. Um, Char, so sorry to inform you… but I just posted a comment to one of our readers (Steve) on the Feb 28 Pic of the Week Post and told him that I was guaranteeing my victory on the rematch. So, sorry to inform you, sweetheart – but it is YOU who are going down… Apr 15th – just you wait…. 😉

  73. HA! *rolls on the floor in complete belly-gut-wrenching-non-stop-hurting-ribs-crying-out-in-hysterical-snort-laughter*

  74. Tania

    Louis guaranteed a win and I believe he’ll do it. He won right handed last time and on the left hand Char had to stand up to win.

    I hope Char wins but I don’t think she can.

  75. Tania – your comment was sooooo very close to winning comment of the week in my book. Then you had to go and add that one little phrase “I hope Char wins.” I was with you until that one little part of your comment…. 🙂

  76. Louis & Char —
    I reviewed both the right- and left-handed matches, and confirmed some issues I thought I had noticed before. What we need here, guys, is GROUND RULES. You know, like “Over the fence on one hop is a ground-rules double.” I don’t claim to know much about arm wrestling, but I believe the following points are self-evident.

    1) You were sitting at the corner of a table. Corners are out. For a serious match, you each need too be sitting directly ACROSS the table. You need a table that’s not too wide. You could be sitting at a kitchen table, kneeling at a coffee table, or standing at something high, like a breakfast bar.

    2) Both of you were turned a little off-center at the start. Char was A LOT off-center at the start of the left-handed match. This creates unequal leverage. Against the ground rules! You must be and remain perpendicular to the table, facing each other straight on. You should try to remain centered throughout.

    3) Char was bracing her arm by putting her other hand behind her elbow and/or upper arm to provide support. This is a little like using both hands. This was most egregious and obvious in the right-handed match. Louis did not use his other hand at all. To be fair, you both have to have your unused arms in identical positions. You can put that hand behind your back, or you can each brace the other’s elbow (that way you can tell if someone’s lifting their elbow off the table). Or you place the unused arm flat on the table, with the two unused hands touching diagonally across the table.

    4) You both have to keep your elbows on the table at all times, and as motionless as possible. Lifting your elbow off the table, as Char did at least once, is cause for disqualification or start-over.

    5) In my opinion, standing, even partially, during the match, is not allowed. Both should maintain the same posture as much as possible throughout.

    Whew! And we haven’t even talked about the infield fly rule yet.

  77. Wow – sounds like Char committed A LOT of fouls, eh? LOL

    We will actually take a lot of your advice into consideration. We both thought the height of the table last time and sitting at the corner were uncomfortable and awkward.

    We’ll be reviewing your advice and Coach Tiff’s tips on techniques prior to our April rematch, I assure you…. Thanks for reading and contributing to our blog!

  78. Kenneth

    This is the best man vs woman arm wrestling video I’ve ever seen! I’ve seen a lot of videos where the guy just lets the girl win or it’s totally fake. You guys both really gave your all. Anxiously awaiting the rematch! Char’s going to slam him down next time!

  79. Kenneth – the best, eh? Well, thank you! We hope the rematch will be just as exciting. The original video and post have certainly become a fan favorite.
    But as for your prediction on the rematch…. I’m afraid you’re either very misguided or you’ve been caught up in all the Char-cheerleading that’s been going on since the original match. Come back down to earth, my friend… Char is not taking the rematch… I’ve already guaranteed my victory…..

  80. Dizzy

    I can’t wait two weeks! Do the rematch now!

    Just found this post – you guys rock!

  81. Dizzy, you don’t have to wait 2 weeks – just 11 days. You can do it.

    Thanks for the compliment – yes, we think we pretty much rock as well. 🙂

    So who are you cheering for, anyway?

  82. Dizzy

    I’m pulling for Char like everyone else is. Can’t wait to see her get some right arm revenge next time.

  83. Good grief – doesn’t ANYONE want me to win???? Come on peeps, throw some support my way! Char’s got enough already!

    Dizzy – No way is Char getting any right arm revenge, either. I’m afraid she’s going to have a lot of disappointed fans after next Wednesday!

    Char, can I borrow a couple fans from your stash? Can you spare ONE even?


  84. ROFLOL @ Dizzy!!! Trust me…….. it will be worth the wait! *wink* Right Arm Revenge! YES!!!!! Hey Louis….. RAR that’s my new “growl*. RAR!!!! RAR!!!!! RAR!!!!!!!!!!!!
    <R ight A rm R evenge> LOVE IT!!!!

  85. Oh, and Dizzy……….. I think you rock too! WOOOOHOOOO!!!!!


  87. Ummmmmmmmm, baby……………. NO WAY DUDE! MY FANS will stay MY FANS! You go collect your own!! I’m sure you can try and bribe your way to at least one! Hahahahahahahhahahahahahahaaaa

    And darling………… I think you must have fallen and hit your head again. There is NO WAY you are winning!!!! I never give up!!! Bring it on, my love! BRING IT ON!!

  88. I’m sticking with Louis!

  89. Tsk…tsk…..tsk….. Johnnie….Johnnie……Johnnie……..

    And when Louis disappoints how are you going to handle it? *grin* Go ahead….root for Louis but remember I WILL NEVER GIVE UP! LOL

  90. Char, with banter like this we really do need to publish a funny video taunting each other prior to the match and post our rants. Andy Kaufman style… The match is next week – perhaps this weekend we will both film ourselves and get it online in advance of the event…

  91. Amy Rodgers

    Char, you have GOT to win the rematch! Both arms this time! Don’t let us down! We’re cheering for you! YOU CAN BEAT HIM! Win, girl, win!

  92. Tina

    Don’t give up on the right arm next time Char. Keep it up until he loses his stamina. I showed this to my husband who thinks no way a girl can beat a guy. Prove him wrong please! I tried but am really bad at arm wrestling. 🙂

  93. Jendry

    The Traveling Twosome is incredible! Keep posting dude!

  94. Awwwwwww, thanks Jendry!! *blushing* So glad you enjoy visiting our site! Stay tuned for much, MUCH more coming soon! *smile*

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